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The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a non-profit organization comprising of a cross section of Sikh Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and youth start-up entrepreneurs world-wide.

Whatsapp Group Guidelines

WSCC is focused on areas related to Sikh Community & Commerce:

We Urge all members to respect each other’s profession, vision, values and maintain healthy practices within the group. Posts allowed in the Group:

  1. Sikh Business’s or Professional Achievements related posts
  2. Relevant Post related to commerce
  3. Members Achievements & Events useful for community


  1. Feel free to promote your businesses, services, workshops, events etc, not others!
  2. Directly related to Commerce & Ethical Practices of doing Commerce.
  3. ASK 4 help, ASK 4 Opinions, ASK 4 resources
  4. Learn and Earn group.
  5. Posts and shares should add value to Learning & Business development of members.
  6. Posts about exemplary people in leadership positions or those who are doing exceptional work in their fields and are role models
  7. Networking opportunities for Group members or the group as a whole.
  8. To avoid causing disturbance at night kindly post in the group only between 8.30 AM – 10.30 PM.


  1. Good Morning, good night posts.
  2. Good morning/Goodnight Birthday wishes is only on Personal Message
  3. No Festival wishes regional feast Celebrations info sharing/posts are strictly prohibited.
  4. No Media news, no daily news journals/video/YouTube shares are not Entertained. Individual YouTube links are welcome but not the video clippings.
  5. Posts simply wishing Fateh or SSA or about faith or religion with no connection to moral values, principles or commerce.
  6. No POLITICS, NO RELIGION, NO SEX Relevant forwards, etc
  7. Posts containing Vulgar language or content.
  8. No FORWARDS, unless you add your view and is relevant to the audience
  9. Strictly refrain from making this one more WhatsApp dump.