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The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a non-profit organization comprising of a cross section of Sikh Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and youth start-up entrepreneurs world-wide.



The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a premier multi-stakeholder community of visionary Sikhs who are committed to shape our community’s future and society at large. In a short span of three years, WSCC has set various benchmarks and has been a part of many success stories.

Established in 2020, WSCC is the first and single largest organization of prominent Sikh Businessmen, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and Professionals in India and abroad, evolving with changing times.

WSCC, with a vision of economic & social growth of the community and society at large, has envisaged various projects in the fields of Economic Empowerment, Knowledge and Service. The idea of Sarbat da Bhalla, welfare for all, serves as the foundational core principle of WSCC. Sikhs play a significant role in nation-building; we place a strong emphasis on both community and national development.


Become the largest and most respected global networking platform for Sikh business community & professionals


  • To be a growth catalyst for Sikh business and professionals fraternity
  • To be an enabler for creation of congenial ecosystem for business growth
  • To motivate and handhold Sikh Women Entrepreneur
  • To nurture Sikh Talented Youth to reach on top position
  • To create Women Brigade to counsel, help & support Sikh Women in distress


Our culture in WSCC is one of its kind and unique and is based on lot of fundamental beliefs of Sikhi. We believe that it is important to walk the talk and lead by example, to not only talk about networking but also do it practically and hone the skills in everything we do. We trust it is important to train and mentor others, listen to new ideas and to share information that will help people succeed, to help people doing something right. We believe that everyone makes a difference and we have to keep the ‘fun’ in the ‘fundamental’. We believe that people do not really care how much you know until they know how much you care. The central core value of this organization rests on the concept of Sarbat da Bhala, i.e. if you freely give business to others, they will give business to you in return.