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The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a non-profit organization comprising of a cross section of Sikh Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and youth start-up entrepreneurs world-wide.


First Hybrid Sikh Professionals Networking Platform, evolving with changing times.

Dear Respected Member,
Sat Sri Akal!

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to our esteemed sikh networking and educational platform – world sikh chamber of commerce.this is the first hybrid, world-wide networking platform that not only brings sikh entrepreneurs together for the purpose of commerce and financial growth but it also handholds and imparts new age skills to its members so that they can adapt and pivot their businesses according to the dynamically changing global trends.we are working on the wellbeing of society and nation(s) building at large through their big hearts, compassionate spirits and enterprising aptitudes which exactly is aligned to the teachings of our gurus.it is time we come together and support each other to mutually learn, share and grow as per the teaching of “SARBAT DA BHALA”.any member who is joining the platform have to understand the basic principal that we base our activities on-

  1. Our organization is strictly a non-religious and a non-political entity. through our conduct and philosophy are based on virtues given by our gurus and we do understand the importance of politics in society, but our sole identity is of a commerce and educational platform.
  2. our larger aim is the growth of our country and we absolutely believe that sikhs have made and continue to make massive contributions towards the same.
  3. we are dedicated to the cause of working for the humanity and public at large which is only possible through the unity and help of our esteemed members.
  4. our growth in this fast-evolving world greatly depends upon our collaborations and he support systems that we create around us. this will not only ensure the well being of future generations but is quintessential for achieving our large goals and aims mentioned above.
  5. I urge you to treat the members of this platform as your family and expect that you will become an integral part of the community. we should endeavor to ‘give’ community first and the universe will be holding on to ‘return’ immensely.

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