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The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a non-profit organization comprising of a cross section of Sikh Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and youth start-up entrepreneurs world-wide.

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www.WSCCKART.com It is the premier online E commerce Platform whereby the WSCC Members can enhance their business in many ways. B2B, B2C, Retail sales are facilitated through this platform. We give opportunity to our Business Owners Members to find suitable business partners, establish new contacts, and make new fruitful Joint Venture for expansion with others across the globe. There are various Advertising options available on the Platform. This platform is available only for WSCC Members to list their products and is open to all to buy and use the products & services.

2.International Trade Wing

International Trade Wing was started to enhance the Business of WSCC Members across globe through Networking and Connecting with Foreign Embassies, Consulates & Trade Commissions. We Facilitate overseas Tie-ups and explore Business and Investment opportunities in foreign countries. There are members from diversified fields Like Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers and Service providers who are looking to expand their wings globally. We hold Monthly Networking Meet-ups with Ambassadors of Various Countries and other Overseas Buyers and sellers (Online or Offline). All the Events are held at Five star Hotels with Lunches or Dinner.

3.Networking Meet-ups:

Networking Meet-ups: Monthly Coffee/ Breakfast/Lunch / Dinner Networking Meet-ups are held whereby all the members can meet, Greet and Network with each other. Each member gives his introduction and talk about himself and his Business. New relations & connections are created which in return convert into business.

4.WSCC Times

WSCC Times is a monthly Chronicle of all WSCC News and Events. All the major developments, meetings and news are listed in this Monthly magazine. The monthly circulation of this Printed Hard Version is 2000+ copies which is sent to WSCC Members, Sikh Dignitaries across Globe, Prominent Sikh Organizations, DSGMC & SGPC Office & Members, Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Delhi and Mumbai, Gurdwaras across the Globe, Sikh and Other IAS & IPS, Sikh MP, MLA and other Political Parties, Sikh Film stars and Singers, Sikh HNI’s across Globe, Advisory Board Members and other database of Sikhs. The Digital Soft copy is circulated via Email, WhatsApp and Social Media to more than 20000+ Subscribers and Followers across globe.


5.WSCC Directory

WSCC Directory of Members is available in printed and Digital format, which has listingof information of all Sikh Businesses and Professions within niche based categories. Businesses and Professions are categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. This is distributed across globe through Social Media, Website, Emails, Whatsapp and Other subscribers. WSCC can easily do business among the Close community and grow each other.

6.WSCC Real Estate Team

WSCC Real Estate Team comprises all WSCC Members connected with the Real estate Sectors including Brokers / Broking House, Builders / Developers, Liaison related Consultants, Construction/Real Estate Related Suppliers, Renting & Leasing Experts. The Main objective is to Bring Sikh Professionals / Entrepreneurs’ / Start ups related to REAL ESTATE Industry and allied business’s under one umbrella.

7.WSCC Legal Team

WSCC Legal Team comprises all WSCC Members who are Lawyers. All different Lawyers and Advocates have different expertise and experience. All are in sync with each other for guidance and reference. Also this Team looks after any matter from Under privileged Sikh is brought to our notice and Pro Bono assistance is given to them.

8.WSCC Overseas Student Support Wing

WSCC Overseas Student Support Wing was created with the dire need of support needed to Indian Students migrating abroad for studies. These young students are not familiar with the culture and are alone in new country. So WSCC members from Canada, Australia and New Zealand proposed to offer free service to any student who is either going abroad for studies or is present in these three countries and need help.


SIKH TALKS is platform whereby Sikh Individuals Give heart to heart Talk on Various Topics like Public Speaking, Motivation, Life, Medical, Culture, Technology & Concept, Innovation, Humanity, Politics, Academics, Environment etc. Regular sessions are held and people are given to speak their Heart outs in public. We have a dedicated team to help members speak and deliver a world class talk.

10.Sikh High Flyers

Sikh High Flyers is an Online platform whereby the Sikhs who have done something extra ordinary from the field of Business, Social, Medical, Political, Religion, Humanity, Science, Sports, Profession and other fields from across the globe are interviewed. The sole purpose is to bring these Sikh Icons to the Social media and let other fellow Sikhs know about their contribution to the society and young generation to take motivation from their hustles.

11.Online Sehaj Paath Group :

Online Sehaj Paath Group : WSCC supports this noble initiative started by a  Delhi based volunteer group with the sole intent to enlighten mankind at large through the bani of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is the most flexible way to connect with Guru Granth sahib baani via Mobile. More Details at www.onlinesehajpaath.com

12.Sikh Culture Walks

Sikh Culture Walks is an initiative whereby Foreign Ambassadors & Their Team members are taken to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib tour and shown Rich Sikh Heritage, Culture, Traditions, Langar Hall, Museum, MRI Center and other important things about Sikh Community. This is useful in promoting inter country relations with Ambassadors and WSCC Members. Also They in return connect WSCC with local Sikh Community and build a global family