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The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) is a non-profit organization comprising of a cross section of Sikh Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and youth start-up entrepreneurs world-wide.

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    Dr. PARMEET SINGH CHADHA is a Delhi based Sikh Businessman turned Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor. He is positioned as C.E.O of World Exports (India), a Tiger Group Company, actively engaged in Exports of Automotive Spare Parts for the past 25 years. An enthusing entrepreneur and an investor in real estate business, his journey of life is not limited to attainment of just materialistic pursuits. He is an acclaimed Business Motivator & Leader, a Mentor, a Socialite, a Philanthropist and quite a renowned and multifaceted personality. He is also a Business Consultant, Analyst, Business Critic, Influencer and Venture Capitalist fortuitously. By passion, he is a traveler, writer & author. He accomplished his Man- agement Doctorate (H.C.) from University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, USA. He has done model- ling assignments for various brands like Image Bazaar, Supertech & others. He is a well-known Socialite in the Delhi party circle. He constantly draws inspiration for all his endeavors from his hardworking, simple & spiritual parents, beautiful wife who is a superwoman herself & two pretty daughters.

He also holds some eminent positions across various socio-political & religious forums.
He is the Founder & President of World Sikh Chamber of Commerce, a Worldwide Non-Profit Sikh Net- working Platform comprising Sikh Businessmen, Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Start Ups from all across the globe.
He is the Member & Delhi Coordinator of Young Progressive Sikh Forum which has been relentlessly working for the benefit of Sikh Youth. He is an active member of various other Sikh Organizations too. He also holds the designation of Advisor (SIKH ADVISORY COMMITTEE) to Delhi Minorities Commission, Delhi Govt. He was Awarded by Delhi Government for DMC Awards 2019.
He is the Executive Member, Gurudwara Satsang Nanak Darbar (Shah Ji), Lajpat Nagar and the Founder Member of ‘We Donate Blood’ & Executive Member, R.W.A Lajpat Nagar-3.

My vision for WSCC is to spread the message of UNITY, LOVE and Togetherness among Sikh Communi- ty and encourage them to make a strong Network among Sikhs, which can help them in their career and Future Life… I always believe in a quote from unknown Book “We have two Arms; with one Hand we should cling on to those who have succeeded in life and the other hand hold strong on those less fortu- nate to pull them up… This is the Chain of Life & Main ingredient of World Sikh Chamber of Commerce